The territory

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By tradition this region is divided into two separated areas by Mount CENERI – this is the reason why they are called SOPRACENERI (Upper Ceneri) and SOTTOCENERI (Under Ceneri).

This region is well connected with Italy and the rest of Switzerland thanks to San Gottardo’s tunnel and the Simplon pass. Quite panoramic is to travel by FART Centovalli o Vigezzina by train to reach Domodossola (82 kms in less than 4 hours) that connects the two regions of Switzerland – Ticino and Vallese. Moreover Domodossola is the easiest hub to reach MILAN, GENEVA, PARIS and other destinations across Italy and Europe

Ticino and its valleys

Plenty of choice if you want to take a day off and visit the surroundings: Maggia Valley – at the entrance of which you can see the famous slot canyon of Ponte Brolla. Laterally you can proceed to Rovana Valley and visit Bosco Gurin or if you prefer Lavizzara Valley and Bavona Valley.


Region is also well connected using Nufenen and Novena pass through Onsernone, Verzasca, Mara and Bedretto valleys.

Leventina valley is mainly used to connect the south towards Italy (Gottardo’pass). It’s a must because of the landscaping views and its historical and cultural heritage. You can travel by train, road or motorway.

Finally we mention the favorable climate of these areas – mild winters and summers that can easily reach over 30 degrees Celsius.

Italian Grigioni Moesa

Our field of interest has reached also this part – Moesa – the only section of Italian speaking origin. The rest are different due to the other official Swiss languages but, also for their economical, cultural and political roots. One of the most attracting features is San Bernardino’ tunnel.

Valle d'Aosta - Piedmont - Lombardy - Veneto - Trentino-Alto Adige

Valle d'Aosta

Is bordering to the north with Switzerland, to the west with France and to the south and east to the Piedmont region of Italy: main city is Turin


Bordering to the west with France, north-west with Valle d'Aosta, to the north with Switzerland and to the east and south to Lombardy (Milan) and Liguria (Genoa)


Main city is Milan with the two main airports - Malpensa and Linate. To the north you find Switzerland, to the east Veneto (Venezia) and south Emilia-Romagna


There you can see the famous Lake Garda and is bordering with Lombardy and to the east with the Adriatic Sea.

Trentino-Alto Adige

Well known for Dolomites mountains and bordering to the north with Austria and to the west with a region (Grigioni- Saint Moritz) of Switzerland.